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To see your Ideal become your Reality

Who we are

What is your definition of health?

We understand that everyone doesn't have the same goals, and has different visions of their ideal health. We are here to surround you with a personalized team of people to make your goal your reality. It is Your Life, Your Goals. (YLYG)

Dream. Train. Live.

YLYG is here to improve your quality of life. We use a 3-stage process: Dream, Train, Live. Through the philosophy of: Ask, Receive, Believe. 


Our vision is to create the largest network of people that inspire others because of how they made their dreams become their reality. That they "pay it forward" by living a DTL lifestyle and help others. 

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you were meant for greatness

You were meant for greatness, you were meant for more than just being on this earth. You can reach all your goals no matter what they are. You are the only one stopping yourself from what you want to do. You choose what to do with your day. Change your patterns. Change your surroundings. 

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We support our veterans and first responders

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