our three-stage process




It is your life, your goals


Being HEALTHY is not a goal, it's way of LIVING

We understand that everyone does not have the same goals and has different visions of their ideal health. We are here to surround you with a personalized team of people to make your goal your reality. It is Your Life, Your Goals. The last 10 years, we have learned about healing from the inside out. YLYG has traveled and invested deeply into learning about the human body through doctors and health seminars how to bring the body back into balance if it has fallen off track through preventive measures. 

We have worked with a plethora of people with an array of backgrounds. For example we have worked with marathon runners, and we have learned that his or her goals are different than someone with a knee or hip replacement that is learning how to walk again, or someone just trying to improve their quality of life. YLYG is here for your specific goals and will align you with an expert trainer that specializes with your path, coaching consultant, or education to fulfill your vision and this will become your reality. 

You don't know, What you don't know

YLYG is here to improve your quality of life. We use a 3-stage process: DREAM, TRAIN, LIVE through the philosophy of: ASK, RECEIVE, BELIEVE. 

Our vision is to create the largest network of people that inspire others because of how they made their dreams become their reality. That they “pay it forward” by living a DTL lifestyle and help others.

Shane C. Williamson, Owner of Your Life Your Goals

After serving in the United States Army as an Airborne Ranger, Desert Storm Veteran, and Army Drill Sergeant, I began a career in the fitness industry as a personal trainer 19 years ago. Over those 19 years, I have had many great experiences of helping people achieve their goals through one-on-one personal training. 

With my experience in ranger school; the right mindset, I learned you are able to push the body and mind to adapt to your ideal life. 

A traumatic, life changing car accident occurred within these years and was told my fate was complete paralysis of my left leg. I would never walk again. I did not agree with this outcome and with the change of my mindset, I set out to prove the doctors wrong; I would walk again.

I did not realize that at this time, Your Life, Your Goals was created with the simple change of my mindset to walk again; I was able to accomplish and exceed everything I was told. 

My mission is to educate and empower people to Dream Train Live (DTL) to see their Ideal become their reality. I have a reputation as a motivator and someone who can challenge someone to be the best they can be in the pursuit of their health goals. I encourage people to improve their own health, by sharing my personal experiences, and the knowledge I have over the past 47 years. I am passionate about inspiring and sharing true health with others.

“I have learned the miraculous things that our bodies and minds can do when put to the test. I have also learned from working with thousands of individuals that our health is in direct proportion to how we take care of our own bodies. The things we drink, the things we eat, the stimulus/ exercising of the body all play a role in our overall health."

"People just need to wake up and see that they are responsible for their health. Every day you can read about someone that decided to change and how they took charge of their own health. 

Today is the day you decided you can do it. Let us partner together to accomplish your goals.”