YLYG has partnered with an outstanding team of life coaches!

Shane C. Williamson, YLYG

My mission is to educate and empower people to Dream Train Live (DTL) to see their Ideal become their reality. I have a reputation as a motivator and someone who can challenge someone to be the best they can be in the pursuit of their health goals. I encourage people to improve their own health, by sharing my personal experiences, and the knowledge I have over the past 47 years. I am passionate about inspiring and sharing true health with others.

“I have learned the miraculous things that our bodies and minds can do when put to the test. I have also learned from working with thousands of individuals that our health is in direct proportion to how we take care of our own bodies. The things we drink, the things we eat, the stimulus/ exercising of the body all play a role in our overall health.

People just need to wake up and see that they are responsible for their health. Every day you can read about someone that decided to change and how they took charge of their own health. 

Today is the day you decided you can do it. Let us partner together to accomplish your goals.”  

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Holly Mandich, R.N.

Holly RN is a platform to provide education and to empower nurses to start and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Enhance your wellness. Enrich your life.

As much as we are in the career of helping and taking care of others, we must make time to take care of ourselves as well. We are in such a rewarding field although it can be challenging and draining at times. 

The first step in taking care of ourselves is to look at our mindset. The second is to look at our personal health.

We have partnered with different services, products, and companies that we believe will help you achieve your goals.

We help you with your own lifestyle so you can continue to take care of others who need you!

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Make Waves

Mariah's passion is to educate people on how to escape societal norms and step foot into the entrepreneurial world. It is her passion for one reason:

"If I did not know about this when I was younger, I would have wanted someone to teach me about it". - Mariah K. Williamson  

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Dabri Yacht Services

Dabri Yacht Services is committed to giving the utmost impeccable yacht services. 

Dabri is there to guide you in healthy alternatives and lifestyle during your trips, charters and for your crew. 

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Up-level Society

Chelsea Elliott is a NLP practitioner, with a background in psychology. She believes "Empowerment comes via responsibility."

She specializes in mindset coaching, and success strategy. She offers 1:1 coaching packages, group coaching, digital courses, and personal development tools. Her primary focus is to get individuals from their present state to their desired state. 

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