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Your Life Your Goals has partnered with Enagic due to the profound impact it can have on your physical health, with something as simple as changing the water you drink. Not all water is created equal!

Water is your body’s most important nutrient. Your body is comprised of over 70% water. This nutrient is essential for your body to function at its highest and healthiest potential. But all water is not created equal. Kangen Water® can help the body eliminate more toxins, hydrate more cells, and provide an easy source of powerful antioxidants in comparison to other water companies. 

Kangen Water® is delicious water created from Enagic’s innovative water technology. Not only does Enagic machines filter your tap water from contaminants and chemicals, but they also produce ionized alkaline driving water through electrolysis. 

"No disease, including cancer, can exist in an alkaline environment."

-Dr. Otto Warberg, 1931 Nobel Prize for discovering cause of cancer

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What Doctors and Professionals are Saying:

"Kangen Water® is alkaline rich water, and is considered the very best drinking water because of its incomparable powers of hydration, detoxification, and anti oxidation."

 - Dr. Hiromi Shinya, Leading Gastroenterologist

Jillian Michaels, famous weight loss and fitness expert, and trainer on "The Biggest Loser" recently endorsed Kangen Water® from Enagic on Los Angeles KFI AM Radio Talk Show as the water people should be drinking for weight loss and getting their body back in balance. 

Benefits of Kangen Water®

Micro clustering: preliminary studies of studies of Kangen Water® reveals a phenomenon known as "micro clustering", which refers to the exceptionally small "structured" molecules of alkaline water. Numerous benefits have been associated with this exciting find. 

Free Radical Scavenging: Ionized alkaline water has been demonstrated to be an antioxidant free medical scavenger. Free radicals can cause heavy damage when they react with important cellular components, leaving cells functioning improperly or even dead. But Kangen Water® can aid in the neutralization of free radicals and address all of your body's hydration needs. 

Detoxification: Water is the universal solvent that our bodies rely on for flushing toxins and waste products from the body. With its negative oxidation-reduction potential (ORP) and great tasting, you can count on Kangen Water® to support your healthy body with unlimited glasses a day. 

Why Drink Alkaline Water?

Water is the most essential nutrient involved in every function of the body's 70 trillion cells. In order for our bodies to function properly, water must be consumed daily (half of body weight in ounces). If we don't consume enough alkaline pH water, we can develop diseases and accelerate again. 

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Mike Lenox, Owner of Xhilarate Fitness & You Tube channel "What's up with this water?" 

"Water is so important. Every organ of the body needs water. It is essential. Through learning, researching, seeing testimonies, and trying it out myself I immediately noticed a difference in my energy and I just feel better. I ordered my machine and started sharing water with my clients. What is the foundation. Try it out and notice the difference. Water is life." 

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Benefits of kangen water®

Kangen Water® is literally changing lives every day! Beyond the basic chemistry of this life-giving water, you will find that it offers so much more. 


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